The following images represent the wide range of                   military products that we offer.

Each Military Service has a Trademark Licensing Program Office that manages its many trademarks, both graphics and word marks. These protected marks may not be used without prior written permission.

We can assist you in contacting each branch of service in order to secure written permission for use.

Satin Brass Finish Acrylic Military Emblems

for Cremation Urns and Caskets 

Emblem on Urn  

Etched Bronze Military Insignia Plaques

Designed for attaching to an upright granite marker or a veteran's memorial.



 Cast Bronze and Aluminum Military Insignia Plaques

                            Cast Bronze     Cast Aluminum

Sizes from 10" diameter up to 36" diameter


Fallen Soldier Statues

The Vietnam Fallen Soldier   Statue above is shown with the Service War marker

and flag.


 Service Markers

Honor those who have served our country with these beautiful commemorative war markers. The markers measure approximately 6" in diameter and are cast from either solid bronze or aluminum. All markers are available in 4 distinctive finishes - bronzed aluminum, pewter finished aluminum, aluminum with black highlights, and solid bronze. Each marker comes with a 5/16" x 18" stake of matching metal for cemetery installation.

Bronzed Aluminum

Samples of Available Finishes

Pewter Finished Aluminum

Black Painted Aluminum

Solid Bronze

Our complete line of service markers (shown below in solid bronze)

are also available in the finishes listed above.

        War of 1776                              Revolutionary War                         War of 1812                                Mexican War

             Indian War                                       G.A.R                                   Confederate War                          Spanish War                 

          World War I                               World War II                                    Peacetime                                        Korea  

         Vietnam Veteran                Persian Gulf War Veteran                       Veteran                                     US Veteran   

        Universal Veteran                 National Guard Veteran          Afghanistan War Veteran            Iraq War Veteran

Service Marker with flag

Stake Mount Rods

Flag holder

                                 Veteran's Niche Markers

A veteran's niche marker is 8-1/2" long, 5-1/2" wide, with 7/16" rise. Weight is approximately 3 lbs; mounting bolts and washers are furnished with the marker. A veteran is entitled to one at no cost through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. A spouse may want to purchase a matching government marker.

For additional information on veterans' benefits, contact:


Memorial Programs Service (403)

Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20420


Military Plaques