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     Military Plaque Examples  

These are examples of designs that have been cast. See the Plaque Design section to help you design your plaque.

Town of Cortlandt, New York Veteran's Memorial

Bronze Eagle statue

Two Etched Bronze plaques

Cast Bronze plaque

Cast Military Seals

Cast Bronze plaque of names with Vietnam Service ribbon

Double line border with star rosettes                            20"w x 20"h

    Custom Design 18"w x 18"h    

Bronze Photorelief 24"w x 18"h

Reverse etched Stainless Steel with black fill paint                                  18" diameter

Custom Shape & Depth 16"w x 16"h

Single Line Wide Bevel 16"w x 10"h

Full -Color Photorelief 16"w x 10"h

Custom Border with Star Rosettes 14"w x 7"h

Bronze with Bas Relief

Polished Aluminum with Black Fill Paint

6"w x 12"h

Single line border with star added 15"w x 9"h

30"w x 30"h Post Cap Mount Plaque

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